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Our team has the passion and skills to make a difference; offering experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs, helping you to work smarter and reach your goals.

Michael P. Keenan, CPA, MBA, Managing Partner


Offering Value & Trust

Michael Keenan knows value is a product of trust. The trust that your clients have in you, the trust that he has in his team, in their strategies and systems, the trust that you have put in  Delisi, Keenan & Associates under his leadership since 2010; the trust that created The Keenan Group.

Today, Michael Keenan, Catherine Heide and Amy Caldwell along with their group of talented professionals are emerging stronger, delivering more value, abilities, assurances, and readiness, to help achieve your success and goals. They remain your trusted partner.

Trusted Partner

Proactive Planning

The Keenan Group, Certified Public Accountants, is prepared to help you navigate the changing tax and accounting structures that will emerge in the future. We have invested in a significant digital and workforce transformation to prepare for the future and drive continuous improvement not only in our capabilities, but also in the continuity and effectiveness of our services.

Our community of solvers deliver quality and sustained outcomes while providing you with personalized services to meet your needs.


Consistent  & Dedicated
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