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The Keenan Culture

Team Building

We’re focused and friendly, inclusive and intentional, supportive and stable; that’s all by design. We’re a team that leans on one another to create lasting success for our clients, and in the process, build each other up. It’s a complex ecosystem where culture and client satisfaction are one and the same.

Clients want CPAs who understand their industry and business. We want team members eager to learn and grow, which is why we invest time and resources to develop all of our team members. We have a culture that has organically turned into a family.

TKG demonstrates our commitment to being the CPA firm of choice by providing a work environment that is repeatedly commended and appreciated by our employees. We have shown a commitment to providing a robust benefit package that includes continuing professional education (CPE), comprehensive insurance policies with company contributions, generous PTO allowances, 401(k) matching, flexible work arrangements and reduced summer hours, CPA exam materials and fees, a business casual work environment and stress-reliever activities that are planned throughout the year, including a firm retreat. 


The Keenan group recovered from the 2020 tax session in Fort Lauderdale, with training, team building and some well earned relaxation therapy. 

TKG Team
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